Become a GIS Analyst | GIS introductory course

Hello GIS Entusiasts!

I am here to give you a complete course of GIS learning. It will be available on my youtube channel, and also on my facebook page.

What you will learn in this GIS Introductory Course?

  • What is GIS?
  • Rasters and Vectors
  • Understanding and working with GIS Datasets
  • Mapping with essential tools
  • Geoprocessing with GIS Tools
  • Common GIS Platforms

What is Geographic Information System (GIS)?

  • A GIS system is simply a system that creates maps based on data and scientific analysis. GIS helps integrate data into a map to help better visualize spatial connections. The whole GIS Science is based on understanding spatial maps through scientific analysis that can be beneficial for all sorts of industries.

Daily uses of GIS?

This GIS introductory course will help you becoming a GIS analyst in no time. I am sharing my years of GIS experience with you. So stay tuned. If you need any help, just click on the chat button or contact.

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