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I am a passionate map enthusiast who actively seeks out the latest advancements in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related modern technologies. Since my introduction to GIS in 2012, I have been continuously expanding my knowledge and skills by learning new techniques and staying up to date. To enhance my expertise, I have successfully completed specializations in GIS and web applications through Coursera. I prefer self-directed learning and spend a significant amount of my free time watching tutorials on YouTube, Skillshare, Coursera etc. Although I have attempted to create a comprehensive tutorial course on YouTube, I have been unable to finish it due to my busy schedule.

With years of practical experience in GIS, geospatial technology, and GIS data analysis, I have become a self-taught GIS analyst. In pursuit of my passion, I completed a GIS specialization program at the University of California, Davis, offered through Below are some of the certificates I have earned:

Additionally, I recently published a research paper focused on the integration of GIS and remote sensing. Currently, I am actively engaged in another research project centered around carbon sequestration in mangroves.

Moreover, I work as a freelance digital marketer, specializing in WordPress e-commerce stores, and as an SEO analyst utilizing premium tools. Furthermore, I provide content writing services to various clients.

Educational Background


Work Experience

Full time

After obtaining my BS Degree in 2017, I embarked on a diverse professional journey. I gained valuable experience as an environmentalist and GIS analyst at an environmental consultancy firm. Additionally, I had the opportunity to oversee the installation of an effluent treatment plant at a big pharmaceutical company. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, I also worked as a project coordinator at a construction site in Karachi.

Freelance work

I am working as a freelancer since 2019 and completed 100+ freelance projects worldwide with a 100% Client Satisfaction History.

My GIS Introductory video on Youtube

GIS Specialist - Certificates

Following are some of the online earned certificates. Click on them to view.

Coursera Certificates in GIS Specialization

Coursera Certificates in Web Applications for Everybody Specialization

Other Certificates

  • Introduction to Remote Sensing by GEO University – Certificate
  • QIS and Python for AEC – LinkedIn Learning – Certificate
  • Ocean Challenges and Solutions by National Geographic – Certificate
  • Python: Working with Predictive Analysis – Certificate
  • Remote Sensing and GIS – Institute of Space and Technology Karachi

My research paper on Urban Heat Island - Land Surface Temperature

My youtube Channel

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