Planet earth is calling us? Save me please

Planet earth - Climate Learners

It’s rather a tricky question when it comes to doing something for the planet earth. The answer changes from person to person and place to place. For example if you ask an Industrialist who doesn’t care about the environment and the only thing that matters to him is the money, his reply will probably be that

“Yes, absolutely. We are making this planet earth a better place because we are creating so many jobs for the society”

Whether this statement is true or not we are not going to discuss this because this is not our topic of the day. But rather, we can say that the concern for the environment should be the main focus. There’s no doubt anymore that humanity is doing it’s best in technology in this time. And on the flipside humanity is doing all this at the cost of damage to the natural earth? Are we robbing it for real? We are not giving it back what it deserve?

As a human of this age it must be our responsibility to think about the consequences of our actions on planet earth. The topic of the debates must now be that how can we minimize or mitigate the whole damage that has been done. Rather than damaging it more and more. As the developing countries are coming towards the economic growth by traditional means they are bound to damage the environment. It is our duty to to let them aware of the consequences that humanity can bear. There are now thousands of scientific evidences that shows that how the environment is affected. These scientific findings must be at the front of the global media.

So let’s join our hands together for the collective voice of humanity and start doing what’s right. Only the right education can help humanity understand what’s wrong with our practices.

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