Sustainable City and Society benefits

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The concept of Sustainable city and Society is new to humanity. So, it’s hard to understand why we should care about the environment and future generations. The main argument is that we will not be alive in the future then why should we be even bothered about this.

There are a lot of studies done by scientists that shows the evidence of the effects of climate change. That shows that the evidence can be seen. It’s not in the future, we are already bearing the cost of environmental damages in billions. There are also many island nations in the Pacific regions that are at the risk of wiping out. Papua New Guinea, Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, and many others in the pacific are at this risk. Estimation shows it before the year 2050. [see]

Why is sustainable lifestyle important for sustainable cities?

The idea of Sustainable lifestyle is not cutting the economic growth short. But its rather a new way of thinking. It’s about the economic and environmental sustainability.

For example: The use of fossil fuels, coal to energy generation.

With the help of new and latest technologies they have replaced fossil fuels in many areas. The burning of fossil fuels as we know adds more carbon into the atmosphere. It also pollutes cities and causing many people health issues. London smog of 1952 is the significant example. Still many cities faces the same issues of smog every year, [Lahore,, dehli etc]

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Here are 5 things that sustainable lifestyle offers:

– Reducing Carbon Footprint:

It means that your choices and practices are no more or less likely affecting the environment. Slowing or reducing the impact on climate change in the long run.

– Availability of Natural Resources:

Natural Resources are more available to use for larger population. That means less conflicts among communities on natural resources.

– Better air quality

Lesser use of burning fuels in the cities and making it a quality place to live.

– Less or no waste The R’s approach of Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

It will help build strong connections around the communities. And solves the waste generation problems.

– Natural Resource Availability

Plenty of natural resources for the use of future generations.

The planet we live in is a place we share with everyone.  The first principle should be to consider other people and living things right to life.

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