Spatial Data Science courses for GIS Students

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If you are a GIS Enthusiast and want to dive deep into the field of Geospatial Technology/Spatial Data Science then here is a course for you. It is offered by the University of Colorado, Earth Lab. There are many courses on their platform for GIS and Remote Sensing. There are beginner-level and advanced-level courses for GIS Analysts.
Level 1 – Course
This course is must-check learning material for GIS specialists. It covers fundamentals/Intro to GIS. All new Geospatial Analysts are welcome to follow at their own pace.
I am here to help you go through this course. My tutorials are in the form of videos and can be found on our Facebook page and Youtube Channel.
Geospatial Analyst Course
In the below video, I am showing you one of the courses that are for beginners like you. If you are new to programming or do not have any previous experience with coding, no issues. You can still follow this course.

The Course name is “Introduction to Earth Data Science – Textbook”

Chapter 1 (Course Link)
Chapter 1 requires you to read all the stuff. It’s basically to build the foundation.
It will help you understand:

  • Why you should learn to code?
  • Why go for reproducible science? and its benefits
  • How to make your work reproducible?

The below video will show you what you need to go through in chapter 1.

Chapter 2 (Course Link)
In chapter 2, we will learn how to install Git, Bash, and Miniconda before you start working. The video of chapters 2 and 3 will be posted soon.

What can I offer you?
I can offer you learning this course at your pace with one on one sessions. Want to hire me as your learning partner?

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