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Google data studio is a platform where you can present your data in your own way. Tell your stories with easy to use intelligent features, that helps you build your dashboard. This GIS Specialist Course will tell you that web-maps can be connected with a lot of data in the background that can be shared interactively with anyone who simply has access to the internet.

Geospatial data in Google Data Studio

Visualisation of the Geospatial data is not painful task anymore because with this tool you can easily communicate your results and update it whenever you want. WebGIS is getting more and more attention these days because of the more and more power it is getting with time.

I am taking an example of Covid-19 cases. We will take a publicly available data from a website and then take that to Google Spreadsheets. GIS specialists can use Google Spreadsheets as a backend database. Google Data studio will take the data from the spreadsheet file and intelligently place it on the chart and map. You can present almost any type of Geospatial data in this tool. Google provides a lot of help and many powerful tools for WebGIS and Remote Sensing Specialist these days. I will try to make introductory videos and blogs for all of these tools. An introductory GIS Specialist course can be seen here.

GIS Specialist Course should offer these for webGIS tools

Few of these tools are:

  • Google My Maps
  • Google Earth Engine
  • Story Maps
  • Google Data Studio

A short tutorial for Introducing Google Data Studio for GIS Specialists:

Data Studio Embedding

Want to make a dashboard like this? see the above video

How this is made? let’s discuss a step by step process

  • Covid-19 data is from a public website The Dashboard represents data from Google spreadsheet.
  • Cleaning the Data by removing other columns and rows.
  • Set up a new Sheet in Google Data Studio and Connect the Google spreadsheet with it.
  • Making the data sheet presentable and readable.
  • Embedded and shared
  • Watch the attached youtube video for more details.

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