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Leaflet map tutorial for beginners

For beginners in WebGIS, this leaflet map tutorial will help you get started with your webGIS journey. WebGIS is now providing tenfold job opportunities for upcoming GIS developers.

Prerequisites for Leaflet JS

You don’t need and pre knowledge of coding to get started with Leaflet JS. This tutorial will help you start learning without installing any desktop application on your machine. Replit is a free code editor on which we will be writing and testing all our code but you can use any code editor you want. You can also use standard Notepad for this.

Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS is required, and it is included within the tutorial video so no need to worry about it either. Leaflet map tutorial is the need for upcoming GIS developers.

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What is Leaflet JS?

Leaflet is an opensource lightweight Javascript library for making general purpose maps. Its easy to learn and deploy. in WebGIS its quite useful in making interactive maps. It can also be used to visualize geospatial data on interactive maps.

what is the name of the code editor in this tutorial?

Replit is an open source free code editor that helps you work on code without installing any software on your machine. It runs completely on your browser and provides 1GB of free ram. It is enough for a small scale project.

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