NDVI image GeoReferencing online

What is Georeferencing?

Georeferencing is an essential part of GIS learning. Usually, it is among the first lessons in GIS. Georeferencing is placing a map or image of a map that has no spatial information attached to it. For example, drone imagery, images from a plane, historical maps, NDVI images, etc.

learn NDVI calculation in ArcMap

Today, we will show you how to georeference an image by installing any software on your computer. It is an online tool that helps georeference the image. We will be using a Landsat 8 OLI/TIRS image of Karachi city. The image format normally is GeoTiff which has its spatial information, but we will use JPG format for the demonstration purpose.

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Georeferencing tool

The online tool we are using for georeferencing is available for free at www.georeferencer.com

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